Monday, 27 January 2014

The Major Project: Post Production Proposal

As I chose to do extend my project into a year-long one, both the Minor and the Major project are involved in producing the final result. Since the minor project was based on pre-production assets such as props and the characters, post-production will involve creating the sets that my characters will inhabit, finishing off the rest of the props and any special effects I will need during the animation.

The primary focus here is the epmhasis on animation as the whole project itself is an animated trailer. If I don't give the animation the justification it deserves, it could end up ruining the entire trailer. This is why I've previously taken to looking at examples of animation styles and how I would apply those to my characters. There is a particularly notable animation style that I would like my charaters to portray. These examples can be found in these videos.

As a fan of both Riot and Blizzard's cinematic departments and their art styles, I thought that these animation styles would be perfect. As one might see from these videos, I do not want to aim for hyper-realistic movements. Instead, I would think that unrealistic, exaggurated and swift movements would better suit the stylized appearence of my characters. The style also spills over to the lip-syncing as best portrayed in Blizzard's 'Siege of Orgrimmar' trailer. The enunciations and lip movements are greatly magnified with each word. That's also what I want to likewise do with my lipsyncing.

However, in order to animate, I need to finish everything else such as the sets, lighting, effects and any other bits I may need to do before animating. This is why I have created a time-table of sorts to adhere to. I may make changes along the way, so it isn't final.

27th - 2nd
Model Sets

3rd - 9th
Layout UVs for Sets

10th - 16th
Texture Sets

17th - 23rd
Additional Time reserved for Sets

24th - 9th
Create Any Additional Props Needed
Create Lighting for Scenes.

9th - 12th
Special Effects

13th -  27th

28th - 4th

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Character turnarounds!

Hello once again to everyone. I hope that you all had a happy Christmas and a merry new year and everything in between. I realize that I haven't posted anything since the 19th, which is my fault. I've been engrossed in trying to get these turnarounds rendered and completed; lots of waiting around for renders and file-loading to finish. Thankfully, after many frustrations, they're finished.