Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Adaptation: Lenny is finished! HUZZAH!

After many grueling hours sitting in front of a computer screen under the unpredictable mercy of Autodesk Maya, Lenny's rig is finally complete, with, of course, helping hands aplenty from Alan. Many thanks!

One particular aspect of this rig I'm pleased with is the stretchy torso, caused by the squash/stretch functionality of the spine. This enables me to give Lenny more cartoony physics when animating him.

Close-up of the spine's inner gubbins.

Demonstrating how the spine works when stretching.


Fully functional face

Here's a couple of angled shots of a walk cycle, demonstrating the rig in action.

Now that the rig is completed, it's time to move on to how I'm going to present him in a turn-around. It's your big debut, Lenny. Give the ladies a smile!