Friday, 10 February 2012

@ Anyone familiar with Maya

I'm using the student edition of Maya and I'm trying to complete the recent PreVis camera shots, but I can't seem to get the window to show with all the options like 'Pan, Roll, Pitch Hor Rot, Vert Rot', etc. I'm stuck on the attribute editor window.

I'm trying to get into the other one. Is there some kind of short cut to get to it?


  1. Tom - use the group blog for these kind of enquiries - you'll liable to get a bigger audience!

  2. As shameful as it is to admit: I've forgotten the login info to the group blog. >.<

    1. What's your email Tom I'll send it to you :)

  3. Hey Tom on the top right of Maya under the minimise, maximise and close buttons there are 3 buttons, if you hover over them the left one says show/hide attribute editor, middle one says show/hide tool settings and the last one on the right which in the maya 2012 version is above a little bin says show/hide channel box/layer editor (this is the one where those options you want are) so click that and it should come up.

    But yes Tom you should use the group blog you would get a much quicker and better answer!! It's as easy as blogging on you're own blog, if you can't find the username and password that Phil sent us at the beginning of the year you could always ask for it again :)

  4. Hi Tom, I know you are having a problem 'following' the group blog...maybe you can see if anyone else out there can work out what's going on with it! It is vital that you check it out regularly, as there are often important bits of information that you will otherwise miss - like the animation supplies info - and as Phil said, any technical queries will be dealt with much quicker, and with more suggestions! :)