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Character Biographies

The Toymaker

Revered in the small, Victorian community he lives in for his toymaking abilities, The Toymaker grew up learning the trade of creating puppets, marionettes and ventriloquist dummies. He has spent most of his years running a toy store that has made many children happy. His latest creation is something of an odd one: a small, plain, wooden puppet with barely any features. Unusually, he has dubbed it to be his favourite creation to date, but it's unknown why.

Age: 86

Race: White British

Hair color: Grey/white

Height: 5'9"

Body type: Frail, thin, short.

Face type: Wrinkled, lots of facial hair, thick sideburns, looks to have years of experience.

Traits: Kindly expression, jolly, rounded nose, often has a pinkish hue in his cheeks, rounded, bottle-capped glasses hiding his eyes, hunched back from years of working over a workbench.

Best qualities: Gets along well with  children, imaginitve, skilled in woodwork.

Worst qualities: Doesn't want to retire. Won't move on from toymaking.

Emily Brennald (Li'l Victorian Girl)

A little girl full of life and energy, Emily Brennald has a fondness for dolls or anything doll-like. She is a regular customer at the Toymaker's store and has made a kindly old friend in the Toymaker. Recently, his 'best' work, his small, plain puppet, has caught her eye.

Age: 6

Race: White British

Hair color: Brunette

Height: 2'5"

Body type: Short

Face type: Rounded at the cheeks, large smile.

Traits: Full of energy, small, cute, rounded nose, large eyes, dimples in smile.

Best qualities: cutesy, energetic, likes dolls.

Worst qualities: Forgetful, often in a daydream. 

Andrew Johnson (Li'l Modern Girl's Father)

Running his great, great, great, great grandfather's toystore, Andrew Johnson has a fondness for old toys, model sets, and anything that can bring back a sense of nostalgia. A true big kid at heart, he can often be found using his skill in woodwork and model-making on various model sets or refurbishing old toys. Unfortunately in the modern day and age, many people aren't fond of these same types of toys and business has been harsh.

Age: 35

Race: White British

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'8"

Body type: Tall, thin legs.

Face type: The 'average utopian dad' look. broad, angular, but healthy and wise features.

Traits: Spectacles, wears a store-branded shirt with a nametag, large ears.

Best qualities: Playful, good with kids, friendly

Worst qualities: Can sometimes be a bit immature for his age.

Lucy Johnson (Li'l Modern Girl)

Like the little girl before her, Lucy shares an abundance of energy and expressiveness that only those of a young age can. She's independent and outgoing and shares her father's love for nostalgic and old toys. She frequently visits toy museums.

Age: 7

Race: White British

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 2'7"

Body type: Slim and tall for her age.

Face type: Rounded at the cheeks, large, cheeky smile.

Traits: Hair tied into bulbous pony tails, has two larger middle teeth with a gap. Blue eyes like her father.

Best qualities: Outgoing, confident, friendly.

The Puppet

Created by the Toymaker in Victorian England and longing for an owner to love and to be loved by, the Puppet is a lonely soul with a sad tale to tell. Though it can move, it keeps the fact a secret and only moves when nobody is around.

Age: 182 years since creation

Race: Puppet

Hair color: N/A

Height: 40cm

Body type: Stumpy, large head, thin arms.

Traits: Long, thin nose like Pinocchio. No carved fingers or toes. Metal ball bearings for limb joints.

Best qualities: Loving, caring.

Worst qualities: Lonely.



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