Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just to confirm my usage of prop, character and set.

I was suggested to confirm my use of the ball-bearing, the marionette and the museum in my story, so here we are:

CHARACTER: Marionette
The main character in this animation revolves around a marionette. In the current version of my story, he starts out life in a toy store being created by a toy maker who makes a living from selling puppets.

SET: Museum
The midpoint of the animation takes place within a museum where the marionette is taken to after being discovered years later after having been lost by his previous owner, a little unnamed Victorian girl.

PROP: Ball bearing
This is pretty simple in the fact that this will essentially be part of the main character. The marionette's joints will be ball-bearings. It comes into use during the museum sequence where the puppet pops off his arm at the shoulder ball-bearing join, exposing a movement spring which he picks the glass cabinet door with in order to get it open.

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