Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Essay Intro

Just pasting this to my blog so that Tracy Ashmoore and I can work with and edit it in our next meeting.


Editing, camera work and types of shots in a scene can ultimately make or break a movie, no matter how much effort into other departments it has been put into it. This essay sees to explain how such uses of camera work, special effects and editing have made
The Matrix·, a film directed and written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, a renowned film famous for its slowed-down camera sequences, which the film has ultimately made into a mainstream technique. This text will explain its use of editing through rapid cuts during action sequences and its use of camera work in relation to the story. The main sources that will be used for this essay will be:

The Eye is Quick er: Film Editing: making a Good Film· (2004), by RD, Pepperman, Film Editing: History Theory and Practice·(2001), by Manchester University Press, Film Editing: The Art of the Expressive· (2003), by Wallflower Press, Digital Cinematography· (1997), by Ben De Leeuw and finally Mastering Multi-Camera Techniques· (2010), by Mitch Jacobson.

This assignment will begin by discussing what exactly cinematography is and how it is then used in film. This text will then go on to explain how cinematography relates to camera techniques, editing and how it is used along with the films story, followed by why it is so important to film in general. It will then go on to present a significant example,which it will case study the use of film editing and camera work: The Matrix· (1999). The following paragraphs after will explain how these film techniques are used within The Matrix·, followed by how The Matrix· has impacted modern day film.


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  2. Tom, I believe, after our meeting with Maxine on Tuesday, that you are supposed to be seeing Pamela for your essay work, instead of Tracey?

  3. Also, I would direct you back to Phil's very detailed feedback on your essay introduction- he has clearly pointed out the areas that need some amendment, however the introduction you have posted above is exactly the same. I would suggest that you have a go at amending it accordingly, before you meet with Pamela.