Saturday, 29 October 2011

Photoshop Work

My first work in Photoshop that actually has no outlines!

I'd say this is a good start for me, but not great. The text given to me from the book 'She' depicted what seemed to be an enormous underground chasm with a temple inside of it, complete with its own massive garden. Unfortunately due to time constraints in the lesson, I was only able to do the chasm.


  1. Hey Tom, this is really exciting to see you taking on some new technique - and this image already pumps out a lot of atmosphere. Great - and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what you do next - but, just remember, you're asked to work at 16:9, just because it offers up more potential for dynamic composition and that 'cinematic' feel.

  2. Ohh Tom this is great! Like Phil says you can really get the sense of the atmosphere. That concept idea you have from your source for an underground chasm sounds really interesting so I look forward to seeing where this goes!

    One thing I would say that is to add some more levels or depth round the holes leading into the underground, this would really boom out the atmosphere, maybe some lighting effects too like Phil showed in his painting he did for us (the yellow parts). He used a very soft, like an airbrush for it if you're not sure, lowering down the opacity.
    We still have yet to have a nice long chat too so if you see some smiley nutter skipping towards you...don't run! :P

  3. Hi there Tom, this is a promising start. Glad to see your using atmospheric perspective (mist and such) However don't let that override the more structured elements of perspective. As the image progresses it would be good to bring in a human element to indicate scale.