Saturday, 29 October 2011

Concept Art: What Inspires Me

Though discussed in an earlier 'What Inspires Me' post on my blog, I don't feel as though the subject of Concept Art was delved into deeply enough, so that is what I'll be covering in this post.

I have a love of concept art in almost all of its forms, especially character art. Seeing artists imagine all of these fantastical creatures, then slapping these ideas straight onto paper is, to me, very interesting to see.

Tuskarr Concept Art

These caricatured creatures are from World of Warcraft. Combined with a short, stout human and a walrus, they exhibit the features of the walrus or what would most commonly associated with them: Fat, stumpy, but not at all hostile looking. Unfortunately, I could not find the artist name.

Kekai Kotaki is one of my personal idols on concept art. He excels in practically any kind of art, but I especially love his character art. (

Charr Great Wall Picture  (2d, fantasy, wall, warriors, concept art)

I guess you could say I'm a fantasy art fanatic while looking at all of these pictures. I love vast landscapes and epic structures, particularly the landscapes drawn by another of my idols: Daniel Dociu. (

His and Kotaki's work on the Guild Wars series has inspired me to become some kind of concept artist in the future.

One other thing that has interested me recently is the use of Guild Wars concept art in the games own cinematics to make it seem more like a story is being told. This is proof that you don't need fancy CGI graphics in order to make a great cinematic.


  1. Hi again Tom, I've noticed you have a particular taste in what concept art inspires you and I already know you're a big fan of WOW so I thought this might be of interest to you. This concept artist has worked on lots of games including Assassin's Creed. Also, have you ever looked at the magazine imagineFX? I would really recommend it, you can get a subscription discount if you have an NUS card too. Their site also has some extra tutorials and freebies (gotta love freebies!) :)

  2. Wow, thanks for the links! This is exactly the kind of stuff that I'm fond of. These will definitely prove useful. :D