Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What Inspires Me

As a fanatic of both science fiction and high fantasy, I love almost anything to do with it: video games, books, films, TV series...
My main inspiration is, however, games and the like, especially MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) and the various creatures and characters inhabiting it. I also love the cinematic aspects to them. For example, this trailer for an expansion of one of my favorite game series, Guild Wars, has stunning CGI effects as well as, even though somewhat vague, a great story line to boot.

Another favourite game of mine is, of course, World of Warcraft produced by Blizzard (shame on me, I know. Sue me. :P)
I have to admit that the Blizzard cinematics team did an outstanding job and they do so for almost every game trailer that they do.

However, I don't just draw inspiration from CGI game trailers alone. There are many other such sources, too.
Music, for example, is one of my main ones. I have a wide range of tastes ranging from 80s music, to classical, to orchestral and to immediate music.
Here are some such pieces.

Play this in the background while doing any everyday task you feel like a hero.

Yes, yes, this is from World of Warcraft, but it's one of the types of music I like to listen to!
When I listen to this, I think of leaping through forest trees, pouncing from branch to branch. (1:20)

This piece is from the first ever RPG game that I played. It brings back a lot of memories and is one of the pieces of orchestral music that inspires me the most.

I'm not just inspired by game music alone. The famous Lord of the Rings film saga also has some great suites.

Disney is also a major inspiration in my work when I create quirky and zany characters. Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog is perhaps one of my favorite Disney characters and villains. He brings style and suaveness to villainy! 
However, it's unfortunate that Disney moved away from classic animation and decided to fund the trash on the Disney Channel.

Let's move away from music and on to art. Concept art more specifically.
I love concept art; it's what gives me most of my character and creature ideas. The most prominent concept art is that of Kekai Kotaki, Daniel Dociu (Pronounced doy-choo) and Matthew Barrett who are all concept artists for ArenaNet, the company behind the Guild Wars saga.
Here's an example of Matthew Barrett at work:

I love the Asura. They're such a quirky race (which, again, brings me back to my enjoyment of drawing characters like these from Disney).

Here are a few more examples of their work.

Daniel Dociu's work is more fixed upon vast, sprawling and fantastical landscapes and architecture.

Matthew Barret does a lot of creature art, mostly in sketch form from what I've seen.

I will add more tidbits as to what inspires me as my blog progresses!

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