Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Progress Update about Corrupted Files

I think I've found the issue. It seems that the mental ray plugin won't load. I've managed to recover the files, but now mental ray won't work. I've tried loading the plugin manually, but I'm recieving the following error: "// Error: line 1: The specified procedure could not be found. (Mayatomr) //"

Perhaps this is also why it crashes when I attempt to load it on the college's computers, too. I can work just fine, but I can't seem to preview any lighting or do any test renders.

Progress Update

Just a minor update on the progress of THES-P-4n. There's been some issues regarding the corruption of save files. Most of my periodic saved files have been corrupted, so I'm having to partly rebuild the rig from scratch. Meanwhile, I'm doing everything I can to recover the latest files before the mass corruption.

Once again, sorry for the late update. I've been tearing my hair out trying to recover everything.