Thursday, 10 October 2013

Experiment IX Trailer - Finished Animatic


  1. This is very ambitious project, but seeing how quickly you have the animatic up and to this standard already is very impressive.

    My advice from observations of other projects is to NOT exhaust yourself! Use the Interim crit and Minor handin really well to judge what you can do next. Be organized (which I bet you already are) and seek feedback as well. Just be careful not to stress yourself too much.

    But this definitely one project that I am looking forward, in terms of development and final product!

    Keep going and post as regularly as you can :)

  2. Tom! I absolutely loved this; there is an assurance to your screen-craft that instils confidence in what is, yes, a hugely ambitious project. I look at this and I want you to accomplish it. But Alex is right - you also need to be an expert project manager to ensure that you can make this happen - without ending up in A&E. I just want to congratulate you on this animatic - and getting to this stage so quickly. You must have got voice actors involved too - impressive. This is the most accomplished animatic I've seen anyone produce on this course ever - accomplished because you're also dealing with all the other little things that make a world come to life. Well done - and I really, really mean that! The Post With The Most beckons! :)