Monday, 14 October 2013

Experiment IX: Shock Trooper Helmet Design no.6

Another update on the helmet design. it seems as though Phil and I have similar tastes. I too liked designs number 7 and 8. I've grown fond of the he relatively simplistic and angular way the cheeks slope down into the muzzle. I also like the dagger-like shape of the end of the muzzle. I attempted to find a happy medium between 7 and 8 while also refining the design. I added strap-like formation down the center of the brow to make it look as though the respirator is hooked onto the snout like a restrictive muzzle. I also experimented with the, as Phil so eloquently and amusingly put it during the tutorial: "cheese-grater" design. I know it looks strange, but I can't help looking at it and seeing Darth-Vader instead of a cheese-grater.

So far I like this design! 

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