Friday, 25 October 2013

Kat Model: Progress Update 2

During much conversing with Alan on the quality of my models, it's been suggested that I refine the geometry a little, starting with Kat. It was mentioned that my previous iteration of her basic figure geometry was much too blocky, square and lacked detail on the whole. That sentiment was very much correct in this regard. If one looks at my previous Kat model, it could be compared to, as was eloquently put by Alan, a low-quality rip-off of a barbie doll. The common barbie doll is sculpted in such a way that the surface of the body sections flow with the figure and that's what was suggested I did with the geometry: to make it naturally flow with the figure's anatomy. Particular attention was diverted towards the hands for being too complicated and unwieldy in geometry as well as the fingers which looked too sausage-like. Likewise was said for the limbs for essentially being basic tubes instead of sculpted arms and legs.

This is the very basic body shape in while I will be layering clothing and armor over.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Like I said before, make sure you post your work up as you are doing it, to stop you getting too far down the line if you have to back-track and make amendments... it's far better to be posting little and often :)