Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Issac Model: Progress Update 1: Base Body

Here's my progress on Issac so far.

Curiously, it didn't seem that Fat Cat's an Issac's body were that much different from one-another in terms of proportions. I managed to easily strip off Fat Cat's body and use a duplicate of it as Issac's own body, albeit with a few minor adjustments such as giving Issac's body a more pear-shaped look from the brute force cube body of Fat Cat. I also changed the shape of the shoes and the fingers.

The head, I realize, is cut off around the bottom of the eyes. There's a reason for that. Throughout the trailer, Issac wears a helmet and goggles which covers the top half of his head which means there won't be much need, nor much point in me modelling the rest of the head.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Fat Cat Model: Progress Update 5: Jacket & Waistcoat + Near-Final Tweaking

I found these parts of the outfit particularly difficult to model. Like the trousers, this was primarily due to the complex  folds and creases that I had to integrate into the geometry while keeping the triangle count as low as possible. Thankfully, I got a break when modelling the tie. That was a simple cylinder cut in half with the geometry tweaked a tad. I also creased the edges of parts of the model in order to give them some visual definition. The arms, I felt, greatly benefited from this which made him look not just bulky and fat, but also menacingly strong; a look which I very much think fits his character.

Fat Cat Model: Progress Update 4: Trousers

 I used the leg geometry in order to make the trousers, though the creases and seams were particularly difficult to create. I always underestimate how difficult it is to keep the geometry lacking any triangles.

Fat Cat Model: Progress Update 3: Cybernetic Eye

So this thing was a pain to model, especially while trying to get the socket piece to fit snugly around the head. However, with a bit of Mudbox magic, I managed to sculpt it around the head nicely. With the actual eye itself, I parented each up each section to the ball so that the focusing lenses can be extended and the ribbed ball can rotate and swivel in place.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fat Cat Model: Progress Update 2: Refinement

Using knowledge from the previous refinement done on my Kat model, I attempted to apply the very same techniques to Fat Cat's new model. In order to maintain some consistency, I extracted an arm from the Kat and combined it with the new Fat Cat model, then tweaked and inflated it. I also attempted cleaned up the geometry on the cheek bones somewhat.

Fat Cat Model: Progress Update 1: Body & Head

 Since I forgot to put this up on my blog, I'll go ahead and post it now. Here was my first version of my Fat Cat model. While critiquing the quality of my Kat model and how the geometry didn't look sculpted enough, Alan also mentioned the same for this model. Notice the tube-like arms and legs and the simple round stomach. He didn't have enough muscle definition, basically, and the geometry, particularly around the face and hands, looked too overcrowded and needlessly complex.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kat Model: Progress Update 6: Colour Experimentation

I created a few basic colored blinns and lamberts in order to see how the model might look once fully textured. Obviously, these are simply placeholder textures for the moment until I begin UV-mapping. However, I may have to consult Alan first about the quality of the model before even moving on to that.


Kat Model: Progress Update 5: Skirt & Insignia

-Tweaked the geometry of the skirt to look less rigid than previously.
 -Adjusted and tweaked the geometry of the IX insignia.



Kat Model: Progress Update 4: Belt & Hood

 - Refitted belt and hood to new model.

Kat Model: Progress Update 3: Harness

 - Modified existing harness to fit new body

Kat Model: Progress Update 3: Jumpsuit

 More model updates! 

- Made her legs a tad longer, since they previously looked too stumpy
- Added jumpsuit under-layering to build the rest of her suit around.