Monday, 28 October 2013

Fat Cat Model: Progress Update 5: Jacket & Waistcoat + Near-Final Tweaking

I found these parts of the outfit particularly difficult to model. Like the trousers, this was primarily due to the complex  folds and creases that I had to integrate into the geometry while keeping the triangle count as low as possible. Thankfully, I got a break when modelling the tie. That was a simple cylinder cut in half with the geometry tweaked a tad. I also creased the edges of parts of the model in order to give them some visual definition. The arms, I felt, greatly benefited from this which made him look not just bulky and fat, but also menacingly strong; a look which I very much think fits his character.


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  2. Hi, Tom.

    I'm Heidi, part of the annoying first years. I thought I would just comment and say that your work is fantastic! It instantly reminded me about the PS2 Game 'Sly Raccoon'.

    Here's a link to a play through of the Game:

    It shows the animation side of the characters that could inspire you. If it hasn't already. The logo also looks similar to your Experiment IX trailer.

    Looking forward to seeing more!