Saturday, 12 October 2013

Experiment IX: Shock Trooper Design no.3

After looking over the feedback from my previous design, I did, in fact, notice what was pointed out: the droopy, sad eyes, the groove down the side of the muzzle which looked like a goofy smile; I got rid of those. I replaced the beady eyes with strips of red light, both to make him look more 'evil' and to match the rest of the lighting. I also decided to keep the quadruple eye arrangement to give the helmet that creepy aura of inhumanity about it: once the trooper puts on this suit, he is just another mindless, obedient, brutal drone in Fat Cat's personal military.

I also added some more detailing around the lower abdominal area, since it previous looked too plain.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tom - yes, not goofy now, but still a bit too 'neutral' somehow; I think your troopers need to be more conspicuously villainous - so I think the eye/muzzle configuration could be characterised still further: