Friday, 11 October 2013

Experiment IX: Shock Trooper Design no.1

I'm fairly pleased with this design, especially the collar and the torso armor. It flows nicely with the rest of the armor. However, I feel as though I've put too much detail into it; it might take a while to model. because of all the detailed geometry. I'll have to try and simplify it a tad. The color scheme I'm fairly fond of, too. in my animatic, there was too much green on the troopers' armor. Here, I tried to introduce black and grey and different shades of green. However, I feel like the different greens are distracting. Also,the contrast between the grays and blacks are too much.


  1. 3 posts in 2 hours - that's more like it! :)

  2. Tom - I like the armour etc. but somehow, this guy looks very smiley! I think you need to look again at the eyes, because they have a droopy/snoozy/friendly aspect somehow at the moment. Go more slit-like, more traditionally 'evil'...