Monday, 29 April 2013

Adaptation: Lenny's turnaround set (Also an erroneous spine mishap)

A very basic set I made in an attempt to both provide a suitable space for a turnaround while also keeping with the Eldorado theme (ancient, dark passageways, hidden underground corridors scattered with gold and riches, etc.).

I may need some help with lighting, though.


On another note, I seem to be having some trouble with creating Lenny's spine while following the online tutorial. Alan, would I be able to get some help in correcting this on Tuesday if at all possible? I'm absolutely stumped as to why this is happening.

First error: The upper and lower skeleton seem to be separate, which results in this when I try to move the control:

Second error: After putting in the IK handle from the c_pelvis_jnt joint to the neck joint here, the central spinal column leans off-kilter to the side, which also distorts the mesh in the progress.

 The arrow here shows which way the mesh has moved after putting in the IK

 Third error: The arms stay in place when moving the spine controls when they're apparently supposed to move with the upper body.

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