Thursday, 16 April 2015

Texturework (Work-in-progress)

Hello once again!

I've made some more progress on the THES-P-4n android's texturework, which I've made a few design choice changes to since the last post.

Remember the character 343 Guilty Spark that I mentioned last post as a source of inspiration?

Well, I've decided that his design would take less president over the direction of my texture work than before as I've come up with more influences to include in my design choices.

Before beginning to texture, I looked up various theatres for backdrop inspiration after finishing the character itself when I noticed something.

In my image research of all these various theatres, I noticed a few common themes:

-Radient reds
-Bright golds
-Pale creams and whites
-Lots of trims and sculpted details

It just made sense to me that, since this android is a product of theatre, why not take it to a metaphorical level? Have the chassis and various plates of his figure mimic the design patterns of the theatre's arcitecture?

 Here is my current progress.

I retained the overall silvery-whiteness of the structural componants in order to maintain the his high-tech, almost Apple-like polish. I also splashed in a bit of royal red here and there to compliment the golden engravings to give him that upper-class royalty look.

So many more sections to texture, though. I'll post again when it's finished.

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