Monday, 16 January 2012

Final Piece (Matte Painting, Process, etc.)

Final Piece:

Photoshop Bits:


Original Concept:

Textures Used:



  1. Tom - you should consider some additional lightsources here - for example, something to lead the eye down and out of the bottom of the tunnel; also, I'm not entirely convinced that your matte painting IS a matte painting - it's an overlay over a render, right? If this was an actual set for an animation, this set-up wouldn't work, would it? Haven't you just put an image layer over an image - as opposed to a 2 dimensional plane into a 3d set? Also - I'm not hugely convinced by the 'real world' way in which those posters are actually attached to the walls. I'd suggest there's room for lots more finesse here - you're not done... yet.

  2. Hi, Yes, I agree with Phil...the posters are to square and flat - they don't seem to mould to the curve of the walls. Also what I liked about your original concept, was teh raggedness of the posters (especially the one with the woman's face - it appeared as though she was peering through a hole that had been ripped out of the wall).
    If you had an additional light source tucked away around the corner at the bottom of the tunnel, that would give you the opportunity to have some kind of shadowy matte painting there perhaps?

  3. PS...that should of course have been 'too square'!
    PPS Don't forget you have a meeting with Tracey at 3pm today.
    PPPS Please look back at the emails I sent you last week, with the breakdown of what your blog needs to include, as there are still some bits missing - I think it would be a good idea to make your 'pipeline' more readable to the uninitiated, by labelling the various stages ie 'lighting tests','rendering passes', 'UV maps' (do you have any???)etc...
    Also, don't forget to upload your lifedrawing, and you still have the street scene to finish.