Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Idea from Phil's Feedback: Idea for animation prelude

I initially thought of using one of those simple pre-viz people in order to demonstrate something along the lines of this where the camera zooms into and beneath the skin, but I felt that it didn't fit with the theme, so I decided to think up another, more sci-fi themed idea where a luminescent diagram appears on-screen and instead having the camera zoom between the tiny light bulbs and down into the circuitry below to represent the camera's journey into the human body.

Any more feedback would be much appreciated!


  1. Hey Tom - yes, this is more like it, though I'm not sure if the 'So you think the cell-cycle is dull' is exactly the right hook on which to hang the purpose of the metaphor; it sounds a bit patronising somehow. It feels rather more to me as if we're watching someone select an 'option to view' via your interface idea - and this time they've selected the 'cell cycle' experience; it could be as simple as this; perhaps your interface could start with three icons beside the yellow icon of the human : a brain, a heart, and your cell-cycle diagram; we see 'someone' scroll through them - perhaps they glow more brightly as they're selected, rather like when you select options on a DVD menu or games console - and then the yellow cell cycle diagram is selected and activated; and then you have a loading screen; something like 'Loading: 'The Cell Cycle Factory' - and then your animation begins. The other aspect that I think still needs your attention is ensuring the audience is getting the actual information alongside the metaphor; are you going to have text elements 'explaining' the stages' - or a voice over? If you go with this game/interface idea, text elements become absolutely a part of the world you've created and not an imposition. I still think you're approaching this as someone 'in the know' who knows the cell-cycle already, but when I see your storyboard, I'm still just seeing 'science-fiction conveyor belt' - you need to assign meanings to the elements of your factory - you need to initiate your audience and teach them - otherwise you're off brief...

  2. Yes, I like the 'choice between 3 icons' idea too.
    Have another look back at Alex Newman's mushroom project - he used text in a way that could be effective for your piece.