Sunday, 30 September 2012

Story Ideas and Notes

- Over-the-shoulder view of a fly as we follow it on its journey through the 1950s from stereotypical households where the family is watching a commercial on the latest 'automated washing machine', through to A-bomb testing facilities before coming to a climax as the fly perching on-top of the missile that launched Sputnik-1.

- Cynical, comedy-driven infomercial advertising the 'technology of the future' all the while completely ignorant to what the future truly has in store. (eg: "In the far-off year on 1990, we'll be living in floating houses and driving in flying cars!"). Done in the style of campy 1950s animated films or using blank shapes for form people and objects, (The Incredibles art style) or with realistic textures (Monty Python art style).

Keywords to take into consideration:




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