Thursday, 27 September 2012

Duck and Cover Propaganda


'Duck and Cover' is a method of protection against nuclear explosions and its effects. From the 1950s onward,  it was taught to many generations of  American children due to the events of the Cold War which took place during the Atomic Age. The intent of teaching children the 'duck and cover' act was to protect them in the event that an unexpected nuclear attack may take place.

When ducking and covering, children were taught to immediately duck under their desks and assume a prone -like position.

Such propaganda for 'duck and cover' was widely distributed in the forms of posters, public service announcements and animated civil defense films such as "Duck and Cover", released in 1952 and directed by Anthony Rizzo

An example of this can be found in "The Iron Giant", released in 1999 and directed by Brad Bird. The animated film takes place in the Atomic Age and in one particular scene, we see the one of the main characters, Hogarth, in school watching a piece of propaganda film showcasing the 'duck and cover' message. The black and white film is very reminiscent of the 1952 animated film and may have taken plenty of inspiration from it.

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