Sunday, 8 December 2013

Kat Rig: Finished! (Almost)

 So here she is! Pretty much finished in terms of rigging. I just need to fine-tune a few things such as creating an IK/FK switch for the arms and a bit of tweaking with the spine. I will have to ask how to do those, particularly the switch; I've tried to follow the tutorials on the blog, but it always turns out so messy.

Alan suggested that i use a ribbon spine, which would help a lot with all the dynamic movement that Kat would be doing during the trailer.I have to admit, I'm growing fond of this kind of spine!

 Instead of using blend shapes, i decided to use the riveting technique that Alan introduced me to during the Adaptation project. Riveting gives me a lot more control over the facial expressions and the lip movement. It'sespecially effective during lipsyncing when I can make slight adjustments to the lip shapes when pronouncing an exaggerated word.

 Rivetting also helped me create custom improvized 'blend shapes' with the hood and skirt, enabling me to open and close the skirt and bring the hood up and down over Kat's head.

I also managed to create a channel attribute which enables me to adjust the level of glow on her eyes when Kat 'powers up' as seen in the animatic.

 More custom channels controlling the ears and the hair.

 Standard leg and foot rig.

 I created an outfit switch in the main control which enables me to toggle the visibility of her bandage outfit and her superhero suit, as well as the visibility of her body.

Like I said, there are still a couple of issues to fix...

 Posed and ready to kick some arse!


  1. I was actually laughing at all these 'things to fix' but the last render - wow! I love it! : D : D : D

  2. she looks fab, Tom! Well done :)