Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fat Cat's New Rig!

 Here's Fat Cat fully rigged and skinned!

 I think I'm starting to get the hang of rigging now. Call me masochistic, but it's actually growing on me. Dare I say that I find it fun?

In order to remain consistant, I pretty much used the same setup as Kat, albiet a modified setup to conform to Fat Cat's build and unique features.

 The ribbon spine is still in use here, too.

 The cybernetic eye was particularly fun to rig. However, despite it's complicated appearence, there weren't many moving parts to work with. I also added control visibility options to the face and the entire body.


I also added an outfit visibility option to reduce frames-per-second lag when animating, much like Kat's outfit switches.

 Following Alan's tutorials as carefully as possible, a lesson learned after trying to mess about with Kat's IK/FK arm switches, I managed to give this rig a similar set of switches.

 Despite Fat Cat's cybernetic eye, rigging his asymmetrical eyes up to a look control wasn't that much different from rigging regular eyes.

 Standard IK leg controls, as well as a standard tail control options embedded within the hip control.

 Show 'em some emotion!

 -and of course, the obligatory rendered pose using his new rig. I created the cigar especially for this pose. The smoke was added in photoshop.


  1. v. excited to see Fat Cat posed and looking so menacing! :)

  2. Hi Tom - Great. Come and see me about the 'volume preservation' we spoke about before we break for xmas.

  3. Brilliant work Tom! keep it up :)