Friday, 14 March 2014

Need help creating crowds

I've been trying to animate the podium scene in which there are legions of soldiers marching past the camera. The problem is if i try to import multiple marching soldier rigs, Maya ultimately freezes up from the sheer amount of memory needed to process them all, so I need to know how to create an animated crowd marching in unison. I remember there being a tutorial on the CG arts tutorial blog, but I can't find it any longer.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Try instances/ Particles. That should be the best way to do it. You might have to bake the animation first to save up some memory. It should be the goldfish tutorial- from what I can remember.

    1. That only seems to work with one-mesh objects. The soldiers I've made have multiple meshes to them all bound to one rig.

  2. Hi Tom, the instance/particles tutorials are on this page

    There are some instancing animation cycle tutorials near the bottom which include the goldfish one Andi is talking about and a robot one :) hope that helps!