Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Touchstone Presentation

Thomas Farrington 2014 Minor Project Submission




The origins of this project lie within a project completed in the second year of my course entitled 'Character'. The aim of said project was to create a series of three unique characters with the roles of a villain, a sidekick or a henchman and a hero. The three characters were also to be themed around a predetermined pair of media genres, ie: 'Viking' and 'Space Opera' or 'Horror' and 'Medieval'. I recieved the pairing of 'Anthropomorphic' and 'Superhero'. After creating my three characters, 

I gained more interest in the universe that they might inhabit. I began imagining a storyline for them, the various origin stories for each individual character and whether this would translate well into a movie or an animated, Saturday morning television show. I became more and more excited to elaborate upon my project, resulting in my motivation to do a year-long project, for my third year, creating a short 3D animated trailer piece as a 'preview' for an upcoming conceptual movie involving my characters.


The aim of this project is to create a fully-fledged animated trailer for a conceptual movie involving the three character I had created back in my year two 'Character' project. My additional aims are:

- To use well-recognised and popular conventions seen in many other hollywood blockbuster trailers in order to create authenticity as well as establish an easily understandable origin story for my hero character and a recognizable overarching plot.

- To effectively translate my characters from a 2D medium to a 3D medium.

- To create believable environments in which my characters will inhabit as well as finishing these environments to a high quality.

 - To utilize online resources and the help given on the course for aid and reference.

- And finally: To manage my time effectively when taking on the large amount of work needed to complete this project.


27th January - 2nd February

Begin modelling environments

3rd February- 9th February

Layout the UVs for environments

10th February - 16th February

Begin texturing environments

17th February - 23rd February

Additional time reserved for environments.


24th February - 9th March
Light environments
 10th March - 6th April
Animating characters while creating additional props as needed.
 7th April - 13th April
Adding special effects: Utilize online and course resources as well as gain insight from course tutors.

14th April - 21st April
Reserve additional time for any technical issues that may occur. Begin rendering if no difficulties occur.
 22nd April - 30th April
 Begin rendering sequences.

30th April - 1nd May
Begin editing clips together.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Make sure you submit this (when completed) to the 3rd Year Submission blog!