Thursday, 2 May 2013

Adaptation: Final Turn-around


  1. Hey Tom great work.. some of the 3rd years were just discussing that you have got some cool poses why not have a pose for your turnaround as well! It will look that much more dynamic.

    Amazing work though, well done

    1. That's-... actually a fairly good idea, I'll admit. He -does- look a little stiff throughout the whole video.

      Note taken! I'll add in a pose!

  2. I'm with the wise and all-knowing third years on this one! ;) Also - I've got to be honest - I think the turnaround is moving too fast - the coins and floor pattern are contributing the sense of him speeding around; would you consider slowing it down just to make it seem less frantic, and more measured so we can actually take in your accomplishments?