Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Influence Maps

With this project looking into environment, particularly with the uncanny valley and interior spaces which 'don't give the whole story' so to speak, I thought to create an environment that would be familiar to us, but so alien as to generate a sense of unnerving loneliness and solitude. Phil mentioned going outside into the streets of London once when everyone was inside watching Princess Diana's funeral and the streets were extremely empty.
I thought this might be a useful concept to include in my scene, so I thought of creating that same feeling with a ruined, evacuated city as if the world had been plunged into a third world war.

My next thought was creating the sense of loneliness and solitude, being the only person left in the city, or perhaps in the world. In zombie apocalypse movies like I Am Legend for example, we feel alone and frightened; it is human nature to seek out the company of others.

Perhaps a lone figure looking out of a shattered window might be able to portray that.


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