Sunday, 11 December 2011

Unit 3: OGR

Unit 3 OGR


  1. Hi Tom,

    There are a couple of things missing from this OGR...see my email of the 7th... and I also sent another this morning!

  2. OGR 13/12/2011

    Tom - did you see Jackie's comment? On your blog settings, you can make it so that whenever you get left a comment by someone, you get an email alert. Maybe you're just not checking back often enough to have a more 'conversational' relationship with your blog and visitor comments - if so, change the setting. If you're already getting email alerts and you're simply not acting on the feedback on your blog, well that's a different sort of a problem...

    One of the problems with your OGR is that it doesn't give me what I asked for. I know you've already done this in an earlier post - and did it well - but a bullet point precis would have been useful.

    Anyway - a note of caution. Fantasy will struggle to generate the uncanny effect, so you need to be very careful that your clear love of 'high fantasy' as a genre doesn't eclipse the creative challenge of Unit 3. Certainly, explore an 'architectural uncanny' - something about the spatial relations of a space that are off-kilter or 'Don't Look Now-like' - but this isn't Hogwarts territory; you're going to need a lighter touch, and real world architectural reference. If you make this too strange both structurally or aesthetically, you'll defuse your own intention - so tread carefully and get thumbnailing.

    In regard to your essay proposal - while I recognise this is a very provisional edit, you're leaping in straight away with the uncanny valley, but that concept has a very specific context (Freud's essay and what it has to say about the corpse - an idea I know you know), so be sure to build the theoretical foundations of your discussion before dealing with the specific analysis. Remember - you need to treat your reader as a stranger to the subject; they need the principle concepts explained and contextualised within the reading experience itself.