Friday, 16 December 2011

More Thumbnails and Yet Another Change of Principles! (The uncanny is a difficult subject to work with. :( )

I swear, I'm like a ditzy shopaholic woman who can't decide between one pair of shoes or the other...

At this point I began to think about reverting back to how I might display enclosed spaces and how I could distort them.

 I then took a look at the environments of the creepy Silent Hill environments and had a go at portraying those as I felt they gave of the sense of the uncanny. The first concept of basing my architecture around M.C. Escher proved to be a little more difficult, plus after a chat with Steven (I think that's his name. I can never remember the Maya tutor's name. So many Phils!), I was taught that making it obviously distorted and within the realm of nightmares wasn't the ideal way to make something look uncanny, plus the feedback from my OGR by tutorphil suggested I move back into the realm of reality with my architecture.

This was the resultant concept.

However, after a brief chat with Photoshop Phil, I realized that this was more leaning to the direction of obviously creepy; actually trying to get a creeped-out reaction from the viewer and trying too hard at that. I needed something more subtle.

I remembered something said previously during the course about places which are normally busy being completely devoid of people being creepy and after another chat, this time with my father who frequents the London Underground on his way to and from work, I got the idea to perhaps portray that exact scene: the underground tubes at night and completely empty.

Here are a few examples I found:

Ominous, no?
It's almost as if these tubes are haunted.

I plan to go to London on Thursday to take some photos for reference.

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