Saturday, 22 December 2012

@Anyone: Just a little concern about Character Project:

I've been up  North at my grandmother's home for a week to meet relatives; she passed away not too long after the Narrative crit presentation. We've been having to organize funeral arrangements and attend said funeral itself, so I've been busy with family matters and been unable to make further progress. We've had no internet up here besides getting some connection from my cousin's phone, which, sadly, doesn't give me many bars. My Netbook, which I brought up with me, doesn't have Photoshop or Maya on it either. I'll be back down South tomorrow on Sunday.

I'm just having concerns that I may not be able to get all of my work done in time for the presentation. I'm having particular concerns about the Maya tasks. Any thoughts?


  1. I wouldnt worry Tom, there are things that can't be controlled and I'm sure everyone understands that. I would maybe see how much you are able to get done, and look into getting an extension if necessary :)

  2. Hi Tom

    I suggest that you do what you can under the circumstances and keep us informed via email (not your blog).

    Include details on your situation (as much as you feel necessary) to help us understand the problem so we can give you clear guidance.