Thursday, 6 December 2012

@ Phil / Alan

Did you manage to check out my latest post about the character presentation? It's a slight concern I'm having. I did manage to get some feedback form Justin. The general consensus was not to go overboard, but the rest he suggested talking to either of you

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  1. Hi Tom - let me be super honest with you. While I absolutely champion the idea of you thinking of the most dynamic ways to convey your characters and their world, what you don't want to do is create a too-long, too baroque presentation which might work against the designs themselves. I'm assuming Alan is going to publish a specific criteria for the presentation - moving through the character bible etc. Remember, we want to get to the designs as quickly as possible, so I don't think a long build-up of photoshop-as-it-happened video is relevant. However, if you were able to end your presentation with that series of short, dynamic cartoon strip style films - as a way of bringing them to life - then yes, I'd suggest you put your energies into that aspect of the presentation - but don't out-stay your welcome, and by that I mean, make an impression, and leave your audience wanting more, not looking at their watches. The best pitches are precision-instruments, not baggy jumpers. I know you're excited about this work - and that's fab - but in the time remaining to you, try and think like the audience for your work, not as the proud parent of your work; you know, don't be like the new dad who shows all of the 100000 photographs of the new baby, just show the 5 photographs that absolutely capture what is wonderful about it. In this sense, you need weigh up your need to show, and our need to see - they're not the same thing, you see! I suggest you meet with Alan in person and get a more clear idea in regard to the crit format for character and take things from there.