Sunday, 2 December 2012

Character: @ Phil/Alan/Justin: Thematic Presentation idea & Music Concern

For my character presentation, I want to go for a cinematic kind of feel, similar to my landscape (I think that was the name of the project) presentation where I set up a montage of pictures depicting my progression through each piece of landscape concept art. What I want to do is essentially the same thing, but for each of my characters. I also want to, since I seem to be ahead on my character project and have plenty of time over the holidays, create some pieces of story-linked concept art which act like comic book panels in the presentation, playing on the whole superhero theme. Each one of these short sequences would have their own musical score to go along with it.

However, I'm concerned about the music. Should I be creating my own music (of which I, unfortunately, have zero knowledge on how to do) or would I be allowed to use music from existing sources providing that, at the end of the presentation, I cite the sources of music and their composers? The reason why I ask about this is I don't want to jeopardize the results from my character project or my place at the university through plagiarism. The pieces of music I had in mind I picked out because of their heroic and techy/futuristic themes.

A couple of tracks here I thought I could use in a car chase sequence:

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