Thursday, 28 February 2013

Adaptation: @Phil/Alan/Justin. Final Designs? (Colourless)

I just want to make sure whether or not these would be good designs to continue with before I move on to colour schemes. I'd like to start converting Lenny to 3D as soon as possible.

Feedback will be very much appreciated!

Lenny Knightingale

Vernon McCobble

Phil 'Shadow' O'Grimm


  1. H Tom. These are looking really nice. Regarding the hero, watch his waste - it looks too thin to me, especially since he does have a heavy coat (bring the line of the back out a bit creating more of a believable curve from the neck to his backside). Also considering his hands and fingers, the pistol looks too small. Draw him shooting it and this will get you the right size.)

    For the sidekick, his legs dont look quite right. I think his right thighs need to be connect more with his belly. I know he is fat, but the silhouette doesnt quite work. Watch his pose as well. He is really throwing his belly out, so this needs to be balanced with his backside and back of the legs.

    For the villain, maybe his feet could also wield a weapon, since they are dextrous - like a boot knife that he can flick and throw with his feet?

    Anyway, Tom, its always a pleasure to look at your designs. I am looking forward to seeing Len in 3d- I am hoping you capture his life and energy.


    1. Many thanks! I'll see what I can do. :D