Monday, 4 February 2013

Adaption: Paying Homage to Heroes and Villains in Wild Western Film

During a talk with Phil today about my uncertainties and confusion regarding the issue of art style suggested by Alan, he made it clear that I didn't need to change up my visual style. I think what Alan meant by linking in my style with the Old West was in terms of the design of the characters, not how I drew them as a whole.

It was soon suggested that I look at films portraying the Old West, most particularly the Hollywood Old West and the actors made famous by their roles in this genre.

Upon looking further into this, we decided that I could pay homage to these actors, incorporating subtle hints of them within my character designs such as Clint Eastwood's squinted eyes, John Wayne's pale hair and gaunt expression, Jack Palance's Waist coat, Lee Van Cleef's longcoat, etc.

6. Lee Van Cleef as Angel Eyes in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

7. Richard Boone as Cicero Grimes in Hombre (1967)

8. Henry Fonda as Frank in Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

Starting this trend, I'll begin with Phil "Shadow" 'O Grimm

See if you can spot the references.


  1. Hi Tom, In order to get 'under the skin' of your Western characters, why not grab a few books for further inspiration? I have had a quick look at the library catalogue, and these are just a few of the ones that are available (with their shelf location too!) The last one in the list would be worth a look, for the 'real' story behind the cowboy...
    The cowboy hat book 391.43 REY
    Legends of our times [electronic resource] : native cowboy life (Ebook)
    The cowboy boot book ; photographs by Jim Arndt. 391.413 BEA
    Cowboy clothing and gear : the complete Hamley catalog of 1942 (Epsom library)
    $10 horse, $40 saddle : cowboy clothing, arms, tools and horse gear of the 1880s. 978 RIC (This one looks worth a look)

  2. There are some lovely colours and lighting effects in old westerns (not b&w ones!)