Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Minor Project: First Initial Ideas

Initial Idea: 1
3D Character Design: Realistic Alien creature


This first idea stems from my infatuation with sci-fi and the concept of extra-terrestrial life. I love character design and sci-fi but I normally head in the direction of a more cartoonish style, so this would be a great chance for me to further my talents and try something mote challenging. I am also fascinated with biology; how living organisms function and have evolved from simpler life forms. With this idea, I would attempt to study the hypothetical physiology and evolutionary history behind a creature from another planet and interlace it with the creature's design. However, a down-side to this is the fact that I don't have any experience creating realistic characters.

Additional Idea:

As an additional concept, if the design of this creature turns out to be something that was an intelligent and sentient being, I could implement it into a CG scene based around an escape from a human compound; a facility based on Area 51, if you will.

Initial Idea: 2
3D Character Design: Cowboy robot


The seed that grew into this idea came from this music video by the group "Steam Powered Giraffes"

I've always enjoyed the theme of the Wild West and the sense of adventure that comes with it. Even more, I've loved the combination of seemingly two unrelated genres into a mish-mash of genre soup, then having them being stirred and boiled into one that just works. The fact that the aesthetics of a machine can be altered so much from different metal parts while still keeping the aesthetics of a robot speaks about how much fun one can have with the character design of a robot. The addition of the traditional western tropes: the lone ranger, the barmaid, the old, stout prospector, only makes the concept of a western robot all the more appealing. However, I have only just finished a project from year 2 that was based around a western-themed character. Doing the same genre twice would be analogous to an old dog with no new tricks.

Initial Idea: 3
CGI Animation: Experiment 9 Trailer

Examples of Trailers: 

I fell in love with the character design project and I got -very- involved in the background stories of the characters I came up with, so much so that I could see them in a big-screen production or an animated series. I came up with the idea to create a faux-trailer for such a film after listening to some sound tracks. Particularly these two, of the latter I think would be perfect:

Own Little World (Remorse Code & Blue Stahli Remix)

ReallySlowMotion - Reborn From Ashes

After explaining to my tutors that, during my previous project, I was advised otherwise since it was such a large undertaking for such a brief space of time (understandably so) and save it for my third year, which has now arrived. However, after considering the previous approach of this concept by my tutors, I also realize that, even for my minor project, this is idea will -still- require plenty of effort and time. I am torn between starting it now or waiting until my major project begins.

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  1. Tom,

    All three of these idea are external "surface" ideas. I would suggest focusing more on ways to develop an idea through root thinking - ie, don't state that its going to be a 'Robot-Cowboy', find a idea with the potential to develop a character, the potentional will lead you to whatever form it needs to be to suit the narrative / concept.