Friday, 27 September 2013

Minor Project: Forming new ideas

A talk with Alan brought to light that I was still floating about in a cloud of vague ideas with nothing to grasp at but vaporous, generic concepts, so he suggested that I try and find some kind of specific fact or concept within science to build my idea off of, which is a fair point. After a bit of browsing and researching for interesting facts regarding science while listening to some music in the background, my music playlist stumbled upon this-

An idea then struck me. At last, a possible light at the end of this inspiration-less tunnel! Perhaps I might be able to relate this music to Astrophysics and the formation of the Earth. Even more specifically, I could create some type of psychedelic music video depicting the formation of the Earth with a colorful art style. I am unsure if this would best be done within Autodesk Maya or Adobe After Effects after effects, however.

Examples of said art style.

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