Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Character: Base Storyline/Premise and initial character concepts.

Basic Story:

Under the tyrannical and corrupt rule of a government lead by a vicious and greedy corporate criminal mastermind known only as the 'Fat Cat', the city of Jennisburg suffers in silence. However, after attempting to bring his daughter, Kat Hearth, into the family business to organize crime by his side, Fat Cat is shocked after she outright refuses after witnessing the horrors and atrocities he commits. 

Fearing for the safety of his corporate empire, he attempts to rid himself of her by having his bodyguards throw her into a vat of chemicals at a nearby science lab. Thinking her dead, they leave her body to corrode in chemicals. Fat Cat promotes one of his bodyguards, Thane 'Snapjaw' Seth, to be his right hand man and serve as his representative out in the city while the mastermind hides in shadow in his headquarters plotting the next move. Unbeknownst to them, Kat had survived the chemical dip, gaining superhuman senses, heightened agility and immortality. 

As her father controls the city, she is forced to keep the facade of her death and dons the identity and new life of The Black Panther, seeking to ruin her father's corporate empire, restoring Jennisburg to a fair democracy and erasing his existence from the city.

Kat Hearth/The Black Panther

 Fat Cat

Thane 'Snapjaws' Seth

(Any feedback would be appreciated!)


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  2. Great that you are getting stuck straight in! :) I am just wondering if it is wise to have such a 'polished' backstory at this early stage in the project? - should you not be being a bit more experimental at the moment? Don't forget that anthropomorphism can also apply to inanimate objects as well as animals...

  3. Hi Thomas, well I cant fault you for throwing your self into this. However, I agree with Jackie here. I think you may need to hold your horses for a second. There is a lot of derivative ideas going on here - its very batman esque (except Joker was thrown into the vat of chemicals), and Black Panther is already a superhero name. I think you may want to widen your scope here - I would like to see you really push yourself on this. This feels like a synopsis for an animated tv series, but I think it needs ramping up and injecting more originality into it- something a little more dynamic and epic in nature. Its great to throw some sketches up, but these will have to go through a lot of processes yet. Anyway, we can chat about this tomorrow. Its clear you have a good grasp of drawing anthroporphic character`s, but I want to give you a real challenge on this project, rather than let you stay in your comfort zone.
    Anyway, good, promising stuff.