Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Narrative: 'useless invention' ideas and initial backdrop concept.

Backdrop idea #1

What each device could do:

Home Defender 2000: A large rocket for use in the home. Funny due to the fact that explosive firearms are readily available for everyday use in the American home in this universe.

Flying Tank: Self explanatory. Small, comedically ineffective wings.

Alert-a-thon: Supposedly alerts the wearer of people breaching the american border. Funny due to the fact it is a colander with a siren stuck to the top.

Commie-b-gone spray: Sprays the wearer with the 'scent of democracy' to supposedly scare away communists.

Pie mine: Deliver to your next door neighbor should you suspect them being aliens or communists as a friendly 'gift'

Brainwave reflector: Supposedly block radio waves from aliens that control your mind.

Portable shelter in a box: A large, cement box to jump into lest a bomb explodes. Completely impractical as a portable device. Large and heavy.

Invader repeller 2000: 'Repel' the invaders of freedom and democracy with this top-of-the-notch invention! Funny due to the simplistic and barbaric design.

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  1. Funny thing! I like this post so much! Thanks for sharing this!