Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character: Exploring 'Clone' Powers and Appearences

After talking with Justin about my Heroine's powers, I realized that I was much too fixated upon one idea and that I needed to explore different options and appearences for her different forms.

I also realised that each form didn't have to be limited to a full, humanoid form


  1. Tom, this and the previous two posts say nothing about what you were trying to achieve really - you need to have a written explanation too. For example, is the above work classwork, or your character design project? In the other 2 posts, what was the 'brief' set by Justin (if, indeed, it was classwork)? Without knowing what your intention is, it is impossible for to comment on whether the drawings are successful or not. Looking at your classmates posts, it seems you were working on looking at the shapes that go into making up the character's body, and how by altering the proportions of those shapes, you can redesign the whole character? Your posts don't convey this...

  2. Also, Phil has asked you in a previous feedback, to adjust your font into something more friendly to your 'older audiences' eyes...ie his and mine! (See comment on your Pleasantville review)