Monday, 15 October 2012

Critical Perspectives: Base Essay Plan

Essay Title: The Use and Effects of Post-modernity in Kill Bill and Blade Runner

Paragraph 1: Discussing the term and origin of post-modernism.

Paragraph 2: What is post-modernism?

Paragraph 3: Examples of post-modernism in film

Paragraph 4: How post-modernism is used in film.

Paragraph 5: Introduce Blade Runner and Kill Bill

Paragraph 6: Talk about the two different styles of both films and their similarities and what inspired their directors.

Paragraph 7: Introduce the messages and meanings in Kill Bill and Blade Runner.

Paragraph 8: Explain how post modernism can be used to decipher said messages and meanings.

Paragraph 9: Explain how post-modernism is used in the artistic style of both movies.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion.


  1. Hi Tom, I am glad you are considering areas of research for your essay... it may however, be a bit ambitious to want to concentrate on both Kill Bill AND Blade Runner in the same essay - you would be better off focussing on one film, and using the other as a point of reference if required. Likewise, I would be more specific about the area of Postmodernism you are concentrating maybe, Realism, Hyperealism,Parody or Pastiche. You don't have enough word-allowance to cover the lot! :)
    Start by putting both film names into a search along with the PoMo terms and see what comes up...that way you will be able to see where the most material for research lies.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Jackie has beaten me to the punch... Kill Bill and Blade Runner are both meaty examples of postmodern cinema, and if you're going to do justice to this assignment, which requires you to demonstrate a sophisticated knowledge of the nuts and bolts of postmodern theory, less is always more, otherwise you risk structuring superficiality into your assignment, simply by dint of how much you've got to cover. I want to echo Jackie's satisfaction at seeing you powering up however - but how about collating lots of research around one of the films - building up a library of evidence (which will no doubt send you off in some different investigative and argumentative directions).