Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Character: Re-thinking the Heroine.

After today's lesson with Justin, he mentioned that my superheroine felt too batman-like and that the lower-end costumed vigilante had been done so many times before. She was beginning too look like a walking cliche, so I rethought her. It was also mentioned that the immorality was a less visual superpower and I needed to play more visually with the 'nine lives' aspect.

Nine different versions of herself seemed to be the most prominent thing that came to mind. Firstly was the idea to go for an almost Ben-10 superpower theme with nine different power suits with different abilities, but that still didn't seem like nine different lives.

I moved on to the idea of nine other clones with those different powers that aided her in battle, perhaps them forming around herself as some kind of powerful aura.

A couple of examples:

Becoming 'Tiger'. (Strength)

Becoming 'Panther' (Invisibility)

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