Friday, 15 March 2013

Adaptation: Vernon Accessories 2

Since it's generally agreed that a bag is a favourable way to go (Jackie, Tom Beg and I appear to agree so), I decided to give him just that; a bag for all of his books, quills and maybe a few navigational tools to aid him and Lenny along the journey to Eldorado.

For the colour scheme, I tried adding a little saturation overall in order to give him a warmer appearence. I also used plenty of 'royal' colours like warm red and gold to give him a sense of belonging in the upper-class.


  1. Is 3D modelling happening too Tom?

  2. It will be. I'll start making Lenny soon. I apologize; I get so caught up in trying to complete one thing, in this case, the designs finished, before I move on to the next major task that I forget that I have a time limit; only have a few more weeks left.