Thursday, 7 March 2013

Adaptation: Final Character Designs

Lenny Knightingale

With Lenny's colour scheme, I decided to go with a familiar 'Hero' set of colours such as the combo of blue, warm red and yellow. These are primary colours and are very often associated with protagonists and the traditional 'good guy' archetype. The rich, earthy brown of the hat and coat accentuate a friendly appearance, too. The ginger in the fur we see as a fiery colour, often associated with energetic and outward individuals. I replaced the white belly fur and tail tip with a slightly darker tone as the contrast between the white and orange was too much. it also made him look too much like a fox.

Vernon McCobble

Vernon's colour scheme I wanted to look a lot less flashy and brightly-coloured than Lenny's for the reason that he's a librarian, often spending his times isolated among rows upon rows of leather-backed books. I wanted his colour scheme to both reflect this and his formal and home-bird personality. For example, the black for his form and the brown fur for his old-timey traditions and friendly demeanor. The waistcoat and creased scarf are supposed to resemble the sight of a book from the side, the scarf's tan colour reminiscent of old paper and the darker tan waistcoat as the leather book hide. The seam down the center of the waist coat is also similar to the spine of the book.


 Phil 'Shadow' O'Grimm

Phil's colour scheme is supposed to both reflect his species, his same and his occupation as a bandit. Unfortunately, there wasn't much I was able to do in terms of variation of the colour scheme of a vulture without viewers mistaking him as an eagle or a different bird of prey, so I went with identifiable 'vulture' colours. This turned out to work better than I expected as his pitch black feathers reflect him being more like a stalking, black 'shadow' as his name identifies. His scarf and part of his hat reflects his nature as a scavenger and a bandit, killing travelers for their riches and scavenging for other things of value or trophies. The stained, tattered blood red, of course, represents his bloody nature and his hat is lined with the teeth of various beast carcasses he found through his life.

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  1. I don't know, but Vernon looks a bit too drab to me - perhaps he needs a distinctive accent colour object - like perhaps making his neck scarf a colour, or give me a hankie in the pocket of his waistcoat - or make his buttons coloured - just something to give him a bit more interest? What do you think?