Friday, 15 March 2013

Adaptation: Vernon McCobble Accessories

It was very much agreed that Vernon needed a little something 'extra' to him to make him less drab in appearence. He didn't look like the librarian type, nor as much of an intellectual as we would initially give him credit for upon first glance. He needed something extra to give him that intellectual "quirk" that he needed.


  1. 2 for me. I like his satchel.

  2. I like 2, but I also like both designs with the ruck sack on too (the smaller one especially - 3) Could he have both? Also - I think he'd have stuff sticking out of his satchel - and I even think his satchel might be a bit bigger - a bit like when you see new pupils at 'big school' when their bags are always too big!