Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Initial Ideas

Idea 1:

My first idea is to create a somewhat different take on the cell-cycle. Ther idea is to take the idea of the human body as a machine to a literal level in which cells are created in a vast factory. Very dark atmoshpere and lots of chrome and close-ups of working machinery creating which create and reproduce these cells.



0:00 - 3:26

One particular aspect that sticks in my head is the idea of the factory machinery moving and churning to the beat of a mechanical, drumming beat which is created by the machinery itself, much like the rythmic beat of the human heart. This mechanical theme would most likely appeal to a wide variety of teenagers since teens would most likely identify with technology (iPhones, consoles, computers, etc.).

The art style here would most likely be themed around a cyber punk world consisting of chrome and steel jolting and moving around one-another as they create cells, which wouldn't be the shape of actual cells, but rather canisters. This would very much be a stylized world, but the machinery would be realistic.

Idea 2:

This idea is vastly different than the previous one. Again, it deals with the topic of cell division, but takes on a more cartoony demeanour. It takes place inside of a cell in which the chromatids are are given different personalities, something like a comedy sitcom in which the cell is a room and the chromatids inside are all roomates. Unfortunately, this idea isn't all as fleshed out as Idea 1, but I have a good idea which type of characters would be involved. Each would be given a type of stlized humanoid form. One particular film that inspired this idea is Osmosis Jones (2001), an animated film which presents a similar take on the idea of stylized, humanoid cells and organisms in the human body.

The caricatured style here would most likely attract younger teenagers to older children, though the difficulty here would be trying to replicate organic shapes within Maya and unlike Idea 1 where, this idea would involve plenty of organic shapes being produced and in the case of the humanoid characters, rigged and skinned.

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  1. So far, for me idea one is the best...I don't think you want to be taking on humanoid characters if you can help it! I also like the idea of the mechanical beat, symbolising both the heart and the machine.
    Keep the ideas coming! :)