Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Research into Cell Division (My brain hurts)

     For me to continue with the idea of the Cell Cycle as the basis for my animation, I first need to fully understand how it works. Being as experienced in biology as a frail old man is in gymnastics, I have to try and find something which explains it in layman's terms. Drawing up a simple diagram for myself would help.

Trying to wrap my head around this is a headache. I never thought I'd be doing science in a CG Arts course, but nonetheless I -think- I know how it works, or at least know how it works enough to make a 1 minute short film out it. The fact that I never learned cell division back when I was in school doesn't help either.

A couple more diagrams I found to help me learn the subject.

From what I've gathered...
(G1 phase) -> (DNA Synthesis)

1: The cycle starts with the Interphase in which the cell is in a resting state, the DNA replicates itself and the Organelles double up to prepare for division.

(DNA Synthesis)

2: The prophase, following the interphase, sees the spindles form from the centrioles, which are the long wiery arms depicted in the diagrams, and move to opposite poles of the cell while Chromosones begin to form from the organelles.

(G2 Phase)

3: During the metaphase, the Chromosones line up along the cell's equator and the spindles grab onto them.

4: Then in the Anaphase, the spindles pull, separating the Chromosones to each pole.


5: During the Telophase, a nuclear membrane encases each group of Chromosones and the Chromosones unwind back to Organelles. Cytokinesis begins.

6: Cytokenises happens and the cell pinches inwards, separating both cells.

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  1. Hahaha I love the comparison to a frail old man in gymnastics - I'm also making diagrams to understand it myself before translating to others -so you're not alone :) the headache suddenly goes once it all clicks together :)