Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Machinery designs

Choosing Idea 1's concept of giving the human body a more mechanized appearence underneath the skin, I'm starting to look at what I could do to turn each step of the cell division cycle into a factory-based construction sequence. I want to find out how I can turn chromosones into believable parts of a piece of machinery and how I can make the process appear automated and mechanized, but also identifyable with the real process of cell division.

What better way to start than with the cell itself. My first thought would be to make it some sort of power cell.


What I would also need to do is design it in such a way that it can believably divide into two of the same cells without the cell just morphing. Have you ever seen solid metal simply morph into two duplicates as if it were made of mercury?

I think a cylindrical object would be the best option due to the simplicity of how it would divide; simple screw-bottom and top.

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