Monday, 12 November 2012

Character: Determining a Story

During the brain-storming with Justin and I on the background story to my hero and heroine, I got a lot of ideas to think about, plus the ideas I was thinking about on how to relate my new sidekick into the story. I had a slight bit of confusion trying to make sense of it all, so I'm 'going to attempt to jot down a story here. This should also help me to discern the personality traits of each character and ultimately know what type of body language they may have:


Movie name: "Experiment 9"

The year was 2232 and a science lab in the metropolis of Jennisburg is experimenting with new technology for use in the military. This new found technology would unlock hidden parts of the subconscious mind which would enable the user to gain psychic power and intelligence far beyond that of a normal person. The test was a success after experimenting on a domestic cat. However, it grew much more intelligent and powerful than what was expected. It morphed and evolved rapidly into a sapient being, indiscernible from any other citizen of Jennisburg

Killing off his creators and lusting for more power and control, he founded an underground crime ring, augmented himself into the core of the city's power system and took control over all of the city's surveillance, media and  corporate wealth. Naming himself 'Fat Cat', his influence in the city evolved into an iron-fisted dictatorship, manipulating the citizens of Jennisburg with media, militarized police and traces of his own thoughts. 

However, one person remained elusive of his grip. A mysterious political hacktivist known only by the alias: 'Moletov', who, ever since Fat Cat rose to power, has attempted many virtual protests against him, taking down his manipulative websites and hacking his databases all for the good of trying to make the citizens of Jennisburg see the truth. Fat Cat saw Moletov as a threat. A threat that he could not locate or trace.

As a final attempt to secure his grip and his name on the city, he began experimenting with the very same experiments and research that created him in an attempt to birth an 'apprentice' of sorts. After months of growing 8 other failed experiments in containment tanks, he struck success on his 9th attempt and grew a young female pseudo-clone of himself with psychic potential to match his own. He decided to take up the mantle of her father, naming her 'Kat'. However, he incorrectly judged the power usage of his clone's mind and the psychic powers she gained had minds of their own.

With Kat fully grown and complete, she gained memories from her father and of all the terrible atrocities he had committed in his hunger for power. Her powers manifested themselves into a physical form, breaking her unconscious body out of the facility and leaving her in an alleyway where, through the drains nearby, someone was watching and knew who and what she was. Elsewhere, fearing that she may jeopardize the security of his political empire, Fat Cat vowed that she will return to his side or be destroyed.

Kat awoke in a strange, underground facility, created from stolen, makeshift scrap metal, wires and monitors. There, she met the mysterious figure behind the identity of Moletov: an eccentric, fumbling, egocentric, but ultimately brilliant young mole named Issac Moulenovf. Issac tells her where she came from and shows her the files from her creation, stolen from her father's database, then refreshes her memory of his violent reign. He tells her about his alias, 'Moletov', and his intentions and she agrees to help him. In return, he trains her on how to use her psychic powers through combat training exercises with makeshift, android sparring partners.

She eventually manifests her symbiotic psychic powers into 9 different uses with different attributes: strength, speed, agility, durability, weaponry, telekinesis, stealth, super-senses and flight. With Kat's psychic brawn in the field of battle and Issac's brilliant mind and technology in the back lines, both of them vow to take down Fat Cat's reign of political corruption and liberate the city of Jennisburg.

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